by John Chizoba Vincent

Don’t be afraid to start on Facebook as a writer. Don’t keep those stories, articles and poems in your shelves waiting for magazines that will accept them or publishers to submit to. Your voice can rise drastically from Facebook. Your voice can grow wings here. I have seen many writers who made it big starting from Facebook. I have seen many who started off here learning how to bring words together and today, they have gone far and wild. Some of them are those you look up to now as role models. Some of them are those you run after to help access your work as to know how far you’ve gone. They were able to scale through Facebook likes and comments. Although, they paid many other prices to be where they are now but truth be told, they started off from here; Facebook.

They began their literary journey from Facebook. Hence, they didn’t stop only on Facebook as Facebook writers but they expand their knowledge and look beyond Facebook as they journey on. To everything, there is a starting point and if you start on Facebook, it does not mean you remain on Facebook forever. Practically, you can try other means by submitting to journals and magazines. Perhaps, go to literary events where you can have your works read. Your ability to keep improving on what you do is the key to breaking boundaries. A space is given, and the ability for you to utilize is the key. Don’t limit yourself because they said you are a Facebook writer and they sometimes, judge or validates your work of art through the medium. Keep improving and keep posting on Facebook. It helps in self validation and expansions and exploration. It helps you to meet different set of people that can help you actualize your dreams. You can get connected and get hold of contests and call for Submissions. Don’t limit yourself. It is a global village for budding writers to make their voices heard until they have the capacity to communicate to the wider world through publishing a book but now, since the finance is not there, you can start off here as a writer.

Facebook Writer

Meanwhile, becoming a writer on Facebook, you will quickly learn how to market your businesses and products as well as network with potential clients and friends on Facebook as a freelance writer and you can as well be picked by some people who might help you get to where you are supposed to be. Do you know there are groups for freelance writers or ones that would benefit them? By joining a lucrative Facebook group, you can be on a journey to making another great personality. New opportunities are opened to writers from here and potential clients are hooked up. The first ever anthology that my work featured was on Facebook. I saw the advertisement on Facebook so I sent in my work. Prior to that time, I was just a starter, a naive writer. I wanted to communicate to the audience out there. I wanted people to hear me and the best place I thought I could do that was on Facebook. I opened an account and started posting. The likes and comments weren’t coming but I continued until I started building friends who could look into my work and say one or two things about it. The important of Facebook to writers cannot be over ruled in our generation.

Facebook has become one of the key factors that help to enhance the voices of many budding writers of this generation. It has in many ways helps to shoot out many voices to other continents. From Africa to Europe, from Asia to Australia and from Australia to America and some other part of the world. Hence, we say Facebook has done more good in the lives of writers if properly utilized, than bad. However, the most important part of it is that, it is very convenient and easy to use that almost every writer make use of it. You don’t have to be rejected by any one. You don’t have to pay for posting; you just communicate with what you think is the right thing. What you only have to face or think about is the inexorable brand of critics that stand to kill growing voices. You don’t have to pay to air your views. You don’t need any guidance. The only problem you have to battle seriously with might be the problem of plagiarism as there is no good egg without a bad one. One trick to being consistently active is to find great content providers. Facebook site make it easy to share content. Find and follow people who align with your writing goals. Also, find and follow literary agents, as well as magazines, websites, book marketers, bookshops and book publishers that align with your writing niche(s). Writers who write in your genre(s) are great people to find and follow too, whether they’re established or not. Follow them and learn from them on how they communicate to the outside world and read their works too.

Download ‘For Boys Like Me’, a spoken word poem by Naeto Uche Njie

Facebook has played a vital role as one of the mother platform that helps a person, organization, and firms to re-brand a business and product. It also helps one to get to where he or she wants to take his/her brand to. It might not give you all but with the little offers it has to offer, writers can dive into its ocean with cognitive dissonance to achieve their goal; to make their voices known and to pass and communicate to large numbers of people of the world. I don’t know about you but there’s something about Facebook and its culture that tickles my business and my art. The promotional culture, the friendly culture and global village culture. The roles it has played in raising literature in great numbers; bending the arrow of looking out for where to start have brushed my perception toward literary rich spirit. My next literary adventure is traveling round the world to encounter the spirits of African cultures and that of the world, ethnicity, language, music and everything beautiful that art has to offer.

It is now ‘woke’ to be a writer only if it can be inspected through the lens of the West. Aspects of our multitudinous cultures have crept into popular culture like fancy commodities, our personal perspectives and opinions, you know how vast and compromising art can be sounding and resounding names and places it has touched, but the ability to disburse what is built within the what matters and writers know this only too well. Every social media platform provides writers with ways to brand themselves. Think about your profile pictures. Your crafted biography and/or tagline that shares who you are and what you care about and what you do. They are part of how you tell the world who you are. Use your creativity to differentiate yourself from every other writer on social media while remaining true to your brand and your goals.

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Chief Editor, Poemify Publishers & Magazine

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