Why books are rejected by literary agents and editors.

1.  The word count is too high or too low for its intended audience, age category and genre.

2. The writer does not know what their book is about or who the intended audience is.

3. The book is boring.

4. Saying “My book is the next Harry Potter” ( insert any popular book here)

5. The protagonist is unlikeable, not relatable, or just plain boring to the agent.

6. The industry pro did not connect with the protagonist’s voice or the primary characters.

7. The book does not feel organic or authentic.

8. The book is too complicated.

9. Too many POVs.

10. Slipping from one POV to another too often. (Head hopping)

11. There are too many character archetypes.

12. The books pacing needs improving.

13. The agent does not agree with the theme of your book, or the book is too preachy.

14. There are too many adjectives or adverbs.

15. Too much telling vs. showing.

16. Too many clichés or tropes.

17. An ending that lacks finality, or is unsatisfying.

18. Maybe this is not your story to tell.

19. Your comparison titles did not work for the industry pros.

20. You did not have an author platform.

21. The agent or publisher has similar books to yours.

22. The agent or publisher may be looking for something particular.

23. They did not like the premise of your book.

24. Your book is not ready yet.

This was taken from iWriterly.

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