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Sunny Sunday

The sonorous voices of the chorister singing non-stop with vigor,the priest’s masculine voice kept ringing like old master’s bell in my head as he proclaimed the good news.

My large handmade hat hiding my beautiful face, Cinderella’s ball gown resting beautifully on my fatty body, bossom breathing heavily.

Fanning myself with the almost torn weekly bulletin,Dad,Misty blood shot eyes kept staring at me,guess he was trying to pass a message across “oh Dad”!! I would die if I should drop this temporary Messiah.

Aaargh  a startling voice came from the back,pain filled with the creaking of the old grandfather chair; history had it that Papa,a legendary  carpenter constructed the chairs in the dark ages with his ancestor’s tools.

My gaze darted to the direction of the voice,my large brown eyes almost popping out of its socket in shock.

Mama Bunny is in pain!!! Death looming over her;I saw Dad holding on to her,old Mr Paul forcing her to bite his smelly chew stick.Dad kept repeating the word “she is athsmatic” and it kept ringing in my head like the old nursery rhymes Aunty Betty forced me to learn.

I saw Bunny running towards their old thatched hut with her legs swept off the invisible ground.

Oh poor little Bunny!!!

Within a blink of an eye, Bunny returned with a weird looking plastic object and Mama Bunny was forced to inhale the content of the object;she stopped whining.

Her breath heavy with fright,rested her large,heavy head on uncle’s shoulder with a weary look.

After what seems like an eternity, Mama Bunny smiled painfully at congregation revealing her tobacco stained teeth.

  • Thanks to Mama Bunny,her dramatical performance brought the sweaty service to an abrupt end.

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