we grow together

he braved the storm to rescue the weak
and endangered his life to protect ours.
now he’s down on his knees, spent and weak;

it’s time for the fighter
to be fought for.

he spread his love abroad
to accommodate the destitute and hurt.
he was the smile curve on the faces of the sad.
now he’s lost his spark, lonely and sad;

it’s time for the lover
to be loved.

when your world fell apart,
he held you in place.
when the roof caved in and trapped you underground,
he was your saving grace,
now he’s in disarray, falling apart;

it’s time for the saviour
to be saved.

he lifted you above water
when in the turbulent sea of life you drown,
now he’s like a dead fish
at the mercy of tidal waves;

it’s time to uplift
the lifter.

life is an endless spiral of events,
the way up is down.
let us learn to lend a helping hand to the down trodden,
be good to the fellow you meet on your way up
you’ll need ’em on your way down,
to help you way up, again.

no one is an isle, remember.
we grow together.


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Jaachi Anyatonwu

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Chief Editor, Poemify Publishers & Magazine

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