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Òré Émí

Òré emi,

I speak with you today, in a language, beautiful, yet beyond my understanding for a reason. Who knows? Bìlísì may not comprehend what we now whisper when he eavesdrops.

 Òré mi,

It is this heaviness within my groins which pulls me, without mercy, into ditches i clearly behold – ditches into which you have forbade me from falling.

I know the world shall bring we, who love you, down. And history will come back around. But…

 ọrẹ mi ti o dara julọ, will you let me alone, and to myself because i am fallen, repeatedly, into these ditches?

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 ọ̀rẹ́ mi kan ṣoṣo, you know this; that i have loved you, that I love you, and that i wish to love you more.

 These ditches shall i conquer for you; to make you glad. 

 Òré mi, do not leave me.

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