if you want to make an apian way
to my heart
make me no sumptuous meal
only sing, talk or write me a poem

i love written word

i love how a poem create pictures in my mind
form ideas from tangible emotions and abstract thoughts
tell stories fictional
give notions sublime
affect the world with just a word
and shift paradigms with lyrics

i love spoken word

the way letters drop
like honey
off the cliff of your lips

the way sentences move around your tongue
like hand cuffs around the wrist of a prisoner sentenced for life

the way you form sounds
from heart-crafted words
and dish on a platter of gold
words on marble

the way you spell out words
each syllable floating into the other
with the seamlessness of light rays

the way you pause to let every word sink
mind tickling
words lingering
and the way sometimes you let them abruptly derail and fall head over hips
one atop the other
whenever you roll your tongue while performing your poems
by the gods,
you sound like the voice of god

i love music

add music to those strings of words
falling from your full lips
and you’ll make me a fire incarnate
set ablaze
gone aflame
glowing on the outside
burning in the inside
with many colourful bubbles of excitement
you’ll make me a flaming swell of sweetness
at your mercy,
like music notes modulates
at the touch of magic fingers

to me
is that bliss version of foreplay
that’ll leave me
gasping for more
dazzled by more
moaning the more


with words spoken
with words written
with words sung

this intellectual intercourse
is where you’ll have me,
at your beck and call,
depression come knocking on my door

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Chief Editor, Poemify Publishers & Magazine

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