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In The Market

In the market

A man stands 

lightening and thunder duct-taping his body;

All that weight 

Lighter than the guilt tickling his heart. 

he sweats into his palms

And his greying wispy beards

But the sun is cold and blind

Mafeng buys black school sandals 

Her heart an endangered forest

each tree an expectation

Of what the village headmaster

says her tomorrow holds.

Kanke feels her child kick,

She holds her gravid belly 

and prays it is a boy;

Her husband will wife 

her first daughter’s mate

If it’s a girl… again.

In the market

The sweaty bearded man cuts a string

He unleashes lightening and thunder

The race to obliterate life begins

In the city

See Also

Kanke’s child lies lifeless

on an island of blood

Thunder has washed out 

her almost-formed son.

In the market

black school sandals are found

on a puree of flesh,

a hand wiggling violently like a fish out of water lying not far from it.

Nandom’s legs have left him,

and his voice with them

the excruciating pain he feels

Smothers his urge to live

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