Dem tell me sey make I no try am
Sey you no be my type.
Sey your shakara e too much
Me I love your too much.

‘Shoot your shot’ na my mantra
As I fire na so I trap am
Nne your green light no be wash
Me I like your too much

Morning, noon and even’ time
Na tinini tanana
You colobi my thoughts so much
Me I love your too much

If you leave me I go die o
I swear down, I no dey lie o
Sugar kills if you lick am too much
Me I love your too much.

E too dey sweet and e fit kill
But this kain death naim dey sweet me
Nwànyì ómà na-átò útò
Me I love your too much.

Earth to moon I fit to crawl o
Nothing wey I want again o
Your love dey make my head touch
Me I love your too much.

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Jaachi Anyatonwu

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Chief Editor, Poemify Publishers & Magazine

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