I begin to see nights and darkness of my hided face from the hands of the clock;

It walked and walked like a river till it became an ocean while I stared like an Owl

I see; how I rapaciously starved the stars at night, breathing strenuously with my blocked nostrils

I was clicking like a butterfly till the cloud revealed me its nakedness

I saw the moon smiled and frowned at the cloud that I looked with eye gunk

One day, the morning visited on a pleasant afternoon with our beautiful children

My mind became birds as I watched the broad neck of my hourglass

My teeth became lost in the air as I watched the beautiful tales of my previous nights

As the day reincarnates, my head gets bitten by the smiling sun

I walk and walk to adorn the face of the remunerative moon

My feet artlessly step towards Lion, to vomit the notes of my ancestors

Oh! I see life throw stones grimly  watching with its red eyes

My bones begin to step from sleep to sleep

Some days, I hear them snore wide awake

I become a prism that is uphill to the world of obscurity

My mind sprouts like an oak tree

My eyes starves the colorful stars that  at night

My  heart whimpers like an infant that watches the sky bleeds into nightfall

Oh no! “Messenger of the underworld pretermit my doorstep”

My face gradually presses into the world of oblivion

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