While We Hold Hands

While we hold hands
Hand in hand
we walked down the aisle
singing sweet songs like birds
as the breeze caresses us

While we hold hands
in each other’s arms
we sing the lullaby
(“…ololufe mi, ore mi, ayo mi,
I’ll love you forever…”)
that lulled us to sleep
so deep.

While we hold hands,
Hand in hand
we journey through forest of life
smiling at the beauty of nature
staring at us.

It takes two to tango they say
but hand in hand
the romantic cymbals in our hearts
produce peaceful harmony
as they strike each other.

“Love is blind” they say
but hand in hand
we know that love is only sight
in the land of romance

No human is perfect
but hand in hand
we beautify each other’s life
like icing on the cake.

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