let me love you while I can,
for tomorrow I may not remain
and I may be unsure of our fate

let me love you while the stars still twinkle
and my cup of coffee still ripple
at the drop of a cube of sweetness

let me love you while the
grass of the field are still green
and the tingle in my heart I still feel

Let me love you while you can still savour love
not while your heart have been treated sour

let me love you while I can sing the moon to sleep
and make music with his guitar strings

let me love you while my love tank overflows with affection
and not when I am exhausted by wrecks of emotion

let me love you while the sun still set
to rise again on our love nest

let me love you now,
for now is all I’ve got in store

let me love you now
for it is mine and mine to give

let me love you now Sabrina, or never


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Jaachi Anyatonwu

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Chief Editor, Poemify Publishers & Magazine

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