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Wars Would End

War would end
when breathe is arrested. And breathing itself make silence imperfect. When the ear cannot differentiate between the slow whispers and the volcano’s singing

Wars would end When seen entities are paralysed When in deep slumber you rest
but in short nap you move into the land unkown

Wars would end when the numbered journey shall lapse
and that which draws from boundless abyss turn to go again.
When sorrow tears the heart apart and put on your head a heavy crown of loss

Wars would end when you feel closed in alone.
When popping eyes stare and weep
when silent whispers and lingering rumors are but few. When you meet with your pilot face to face

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Wars would end when the eerie breeze consoles not When rocks steam in self sweat.
When water flows backward in fears. When friends and foes talk only with memories. Wars would end!

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