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In between the two thighs
of distant East and close West,
Is me, laced in broken sighs
like a treasure buried in waste.

I was told time heals all wounds,
but a part of me still lies lifeless,
empty, shattered beyond repairs
like clouds of unanswered prayers.

When did I take the wrong turn?
How did I missed the path to happiness?
Why am I singing thesame song?
Where is the honey in love when its taste is bitterness?

My hopes were high strung,
like the silently loud strings of a violin.
Lines of love poems slept on my tongue,
the feeling was strong like dry gin.

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I was a mere breeze
caught within the snare of a tornado.
Like a fake smile on the cheek,
everything disappeared like an echo.

Minutes transformed into hours,
hours beget hundred days.
The earth changed its garment,
but my heart is still adamant.

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