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The Wanderer

With his taste for voyage,

He was like a sage.

All the wealth he got,

He enjoyed the pain of spending in nought.

what was it for?

‘Twere as if he were an adventurer,

But none did he have as partner.

He spent days and night,

Conquering the world’s heights.

was he serious?

Sailing the seas, lakes and bays,

‘Tis so looked his holidays,

Sailing the ocean was his favorite pick.

But he avoided the Atlantic.

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did he fear the devil’s triangle?

Breathing fresh air, in the woods.

Breathing cold air, on the seas. 

Always accompanied by his notebook,

Writing his saga. And from the face of the earth, he leaves.

is it the beginning of a new adventure, or the end?

  1. ‘Twas the tale of a wanderlust. 
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