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The Pain Of The Body

It struck so hard that saliva couldn’t go through it’s route,

My teeth left the gathering of saint,

Their unity was tampered with

Leaving their dynasty painted all red,

My babies, the brown skinned ones:

Attach to my waist

Looking at them down towards the toes

Feeling isn’t their lover again

Seeing my big toes in anguish,

I knew she missed my body so much

My heart racing slower than ever

Tho’ could still beat love for the young dark child stuck in the building:

That once well-structured building,

The echoes in my ear was like a hurricane rush,

When my glasses was my friend, I see less blurry pictures

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My left eye  is painting dark pictures only the right could see the child

Argh! The child is now laying all breathless,

I can smell it along with the dust from the building remains

Men are as stick now looking at the events

But we wait for the right help:

Maybe, just maybe when I’m still here or after

They will surely come for us.

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