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Soul’s Lament
  1. I remembered, 

Souls tortured by the imp of garrison Lords of this world 

Eyes that looked at the sky searching for a help from limping clouds

And bones that cleaved to this skin

Caressing the whimpering legs 

Bearing bilge bellies like cauldron 

I knew, I just knew it, I didn’t die. 

  1. On the cloudy eyes did I watch vultures call for a feast

With sleep on glitch of my finger 

Matched guns and fire where nothing exist

Only souls like sun feasting on morning dew

Evaporating, while moon watched at night

And Hands stretching just when hopes seemed near

But, only one savouring stranger, that hovered patiently

And I knew, I just knew it, I didn’t die. 

  1. In morning, I thought night slept in tough leach

In night, I thought morning went on dinning on night’s crumbs

I had nothing, just a kid who know not 

How the war began

When world hastily gobbled and gashed 

Who staggered, fell and listened 

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To the helpless stomach roar in tempestuous whip 

And I knew, I just knew it, I didn’t die. 

  1. When calls beret the mourning harp varies atone in succinct dirge

Sun rose from the east emitted bloody rays in foes’ tussle on the boundless homes

Flesh yielded to the soil and raise all its despot and homes in thunderstorm leaped and rested in ruin 

And I saw all the crawling, in flings of

Pangs with swift ravage and vicious smirk far behind

But I knew, I just knew it, I didn’t die

Because I was only, but a soul

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