the sky is bleeding golds in mellow hues
coupled with abstract blues,
fading to the closing of the sun

i am fully prepared to be taken deeply
on the wings of guitar strings
reggae. jazz. country.
shall form a blanket of tranquil darkness
and engulf me in a fluffy duvet 
lover. i. duet

i am fully ready to bask
in euphoric sweetness

i am fully ready to be caught in a landslide of wet wet dreams as floating memories swim past my endless glances at the horizon,

in expectation
of sunrise

in the midst
of a hectic routine

in spite of my filmic crush
on nocturnal romance
i mate with aphrodite

there my guard i toss
into the stream of knowledge
and call my soul to thoth

watching as sun ray
sail away
into yesterday
to the delight of ra

i shall undress my soul
of my flawed flesh
dive into this stream
and move rhythmically
to the ripple effect of royalty
as isis proclaim “crown him king!”

like fresh water drops
in salt water
change the course of ocean tides,
so shall tomorrow be

like the finest wine 
settle round in a glass
so shall i fill every heart
with the name of me

because tonight, while men sleep,
i shall commune with the unseen
and from thence i shall appear
more beautiful. witty. sensual.

a new magnet for motion
a new magnet for passion
a new depot of vision
and of me, a new version

i want to write about rebirth
may i?

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Chief Editor, Poemify Publishers & Magazine

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