In nights as this
When soliloquy a faithful companion visits
I stare into void places
Looking like a betrayed
reminding the wind of our covenant
Of how, while I sand him praise
He was to give me edge over hurdles.
Moments as this,
Memories hover over my head
silence now a forest of doom
Where the ghost of aborted wishes
Roam, hoisting for another morrow.

In days as this
When mothers voice over the telephone
Mimics the shadow of a walking corpse
She suppress a yawn
And says
There is a sun ray coming
It beams at the back of this tree before you.
I perceive a sigh on her lips
And a song deep inside the throat
Its lines are made of a false faith
Its chorus composed from unfulfilled promises.
I know uncertainties when I hear ’em
It has the crack on my mother’s lips.

Mornings as this
When crickets morn my nightmares
And cobwebs wear a pious face
I saunter to the door
To meet an envelope
But the eureka is not of joy
For only bills, task and rents visits this door enveloped
I peep through the window
Perhaps, a stray fly may smile on me
But the austere seems to heave its sorrow my way.

In times like  this
When living becomes My main source of ache
I wish to block all smokes
Ascending the sky
So God may have a feel if hunger.

In times like this,
I chew my broken hopes
Knowing they’d form strong hold
Against forces urging me to
Lay back and accept defeat.
Remembering those to prove wrong
And friends to prove right
I embrace the new dawn
With an assurance that
Is a river track.

Uchendu K. Njionye

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Jaachi Anyatonwu

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Chief Editor, Poemify Publishers & Magazine

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