How much are you in before you get in?
Before matrimony ignites, how much are you enlightened?
That time feels right but the time isn’t right,
Forgetting you’ve to get it all right even after getting a Mr. Right.

She’s eager to become a wife,
Little did she know that
marriage is a lifetime and wedding
is a time in a life.
Thereafter, this death comes like “what a life!”
When the hungry husband gets tired of the weary wife.

Like a chauffeur,
the force to file a divorce will start driving,
Marriage becomes a miscarriage, it drains and stop diving.
They aren’t well prepared cos they didn’t prepare well.
Many don’t get the sound before they vibe to wedding bells.

Most marriages make acrimony,
Holy matrimony suffers messy immaturity
when you marry because you age
all in the name of marriage.

Marriage needs wisdom and the knowledge of understanding.
Be wise, the knowledge of wisdom is understanding.

Matrimony becomes a misery
when you fail to
understand the mystery.

Poemify Editorial Team

Poemify Editorial Team

Chief Editor, Poemify Publishers & Magazine

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