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Cracked Stones
A man walks into a bar,
drenched with worries
and ready to drown them in liquor.
“Gin, please”, he says to the bartender
who in turn, pushes a dancing of white gin to him.
He gulps it down without hesitation
and tosses the cup back as to say a conquest is taking place.
“Another!” He said, this time louder than before.
Another dancing cup is slide to him
and he empties its glory.
On the seventh round of gulping,
did his eyes catch a familiar figure.
“Could this be…..? No…no…no…”
He said to himself, shaking his head
wanting to be free from the killing bullets in the gin.
His palms brushed his face but the same figure kept surfacing.
His feet decided to see for themselves; so they staggered.
“Who do we have here?” He asked¬†on getting to the figure who sat across¬†a table.
And of course, the figure was familiar because,
It gave a shocking reaction to what the eyes saw.
“What are you doing here”? The figure asked.
This time, the pandomonuim between the two increased
and this figure’s heart beat could be heard from a mile.
“Just as you¬†doing” replied the man with¬†in his half closed eyes.
He snapped his finger and the tender came along with drinks of gin and beer.
The figure gulped down his drink in a haste and returned to his question thrown to him
“What¬†are you¬†doing here?”
The figure explained how troubled he has been
and how he sought wine to drown his troubles.
He lamented over the state of life and how terrible it has been for him.
He talked about wife and son and daughter
and how everything beakons on him
yet, his hands profer no solution.
A moment of silence reigned between them
before the voices rose again.
This man, the one with the gin drive
felt sober and sent words of pity to what he has heard.
“What¬†will a man do? He asked
“If not to once in a while, come to solitude and dine with it”.
He snapped his finger again and the bartender came with another round.
This kept going until the moon was out and they were alone
till their laughter rocked the sky.
The following Sunday,
the figure was in white
telling men what God said.
The man from a corner, smiled and gave a salute
just to receive a “Bless you brother” sign.
They smiled silently and went forth.
After all, men are not Stones.
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