How long does it take for a reply from Poemify Publishers & Magazine?

You can message us through our contact form, WhatsApp Business account at the bottom right corner of the page or Facebook. We usually try to answer within the hour.

Why Choose Poemify Publishers & Magazine?

The express mission of Poemify Publishers & Magazine is to redefine African literature by helping young writers make a living at their craft. We’ve created systems and strategies to help maximize this possibility. We plan on developing more programs that will help writers sustain their calling even beyond their own books. This entire company was founded with that express purpose. When you publish with us you are not just one book in our inventory you are part of the Poemify.

Where is Poemify Publishers & Magazine’s office?

Poemify Publishers & Magazine does not have a walk-in office. We are wholly based online, currently, employ remote workers and all our printing is outsourced. We realise some customers may not be comfortable dealing with a business with no walk-in office. However, this is a business model that has worked for many digital companies. This is the business model we have chosen to begin with. Although, within the year we should be opening offices to cater to authors who require face to face interactions.

How Many Times Can I submit??

You may submit as many times as you wish.

Can I Send My Submission Via Email?

We accept submission through our email address.

Do You Accept Short Stories?

Yes we accept ORIGINAL fiction and nonfiction stories.

I Could Not See A Line Limit. My Poem Is Ten Pages, Can I Still Submit?

Yes you may submit as we do not have a line limit for submission of poems.

Can I Create A Collective Title For My Poems If They Are More Than One?

If you are submitting more than one poem, you are advised the create a collective tittle for more clarification.

Do You Accept Works That Have Already Been Published?

Yes we accept works that have already been published on social media ONLY.

What Am I Supposed To Write In The Over Page?

Your cover page should include
Your name
A brief author BIO
Social media handles
For further inquiries and questions, contact us.