To The Girl With A Thigh Gap

A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs of some people when standing upright with feet touching


This is a short poem about the importance of having a different outlook to life in times of despair

Easter With House Spinster

This poem bemoans people’s misconception of what Easter entails, which makes some celebrate it erroneously.

Roasted Faraway (for Prof. Pius Adesanmi)

Pius Adesanmi (born on 27th Feb.1972)was an award-winning Nigerian-born poet, Poet, Essayist and Columnist, and literary critic. A renowned intellectual, he was also a Canadian professor who taught at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. He was one of Nigeria’s leading public intellectuals and an internationally acclaimed author. He was a well celebrated and beloved writer with sharp intellect and found humor in the most grim, politically-fueled subjects, often about his home country -Nigeria, as typified in his magnum opus -Naija No Dey Carry Last published in 2015.
Prof. Adesanmi was among the 157 victims who died on Sunday, March 10,2019, when an Ehtiopian Airlines plane crashed.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Agụụ (Hunger)

This poem ‘Agụụ’ by Izunna Okafor poetically describes hunger, as it is currently tormenting most developing and undeveloped countries, particularly in Africa, and precisely in Nigeria.

The Sower

I am sower who sits distraught
beneath a tree stripped bare of leaf, drought


Abiku is a poem revealing the mindsets of Abiku to have been running (dying) away from earth as a means of hating adulthood errors and troubles to heaven where enjoyment and freedom lies. The poet loves to be another Abiku. He felt Adulthood is a burning flame of fire.

Which Way, poem by Upp. G

I don almost forget say for Nigeria all way na way.
Make I kuku enter left with the hopes say na aim be the correct way.

We Grow Together, a poem by Jaachị Anyatonwụ

he lifted you above water
when in the turbulent sea of life you drown,
now he’s like a dead fish
at the mercy of tidal waves;

As I Grow Older

The poem is about what humans face as we grow older; the good and evil. It portrays the happiness and certain circumstances attached to getting older in the world we live today.

Love is a music

both of us should spell the lyrics
and have our hearts string the rhythm
that our wills can`t but dance to


Winterfell is a short poem of a lover reaching out to a loved one.

ÌGBÉYÀWÓ ÌGBÉ ÌYÀ WÒ (Matrimony, Assessing Misery)

How much are you in before you get in?
Before matrimony ignites, how much are you enlightened?
That time feels right but the time isn’t right,
Forgetting you’ve to get it all right even after getting a Mr. Right.

Download Video & Audio: Omalicha, spoken word by Grrraciano and Jeremiah Gyang

“Omalicha” by Grrraciano and Jeremiah Gyang is a fascinating fusion of poetry, music and drama (humor) where an Igbo businessman (Grrraciano) is encouraged by his Hausa love-doctor friend (Jeremiah Gyang) to propose to his crush, Omalicha and he does just that using poetry delivered in a language that’s absolutely rustic and dotted with humor from the first line to the last strumming of the guitar.

Who’s a Poet?

a poet is a puzzlemade of so many things, fused up in one piece. a…


A poem on love, for love will never die.

I Love Your Too Much

Earth to moon I fit to crawl o
Nothing wey I want again o
Your love dey make my head touch
Me I love your too much.

Let Me Love You

LET ME LOVE YOU let me love you while I can,for tomorrow I may not…

intellectual intercourse, a poem

if you want to make an apian way
to my heart
make me no sumptuous meal
only sing, talk or write me a poem

Coffee Anthology
eBook Alert: Coffee Anthology: Initiated by Jide Badmus

Coffee is a collection of poems centered on love as a significant part, being almost the neucleus of human life: everyone at some point in their life no matter the restraint and hindering environmental factors gets to exhibit their emotional nature. So when we are talking Coffee, we are discussing an inevitable part of our lives.