7 Poetry Collections by Muslim Writers

Here are 7 poetry collections by muslim writers, full of verses that celebrates the multiplicity of Islamic identity


This is a short poem about the importance of having a different outlook to life in times of despair

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Episode 4 – Be The Lighter

Be The Lighter – a spoken word poetry session.

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A collection of poems, essays and short stories based on the discourse revolving the plight and quandary faced by the boy child was first opened for submission to poets and writers around the world last year edited by Jaachi Anyatonwu, Jamiu Ahmed, John Chizoba Vincent, Uchendu Njieonye, Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche & Ebubechukwu Bruno Nwagbo.


Synergy Together, we are words Communicating our myriad Racial and cultural distinctions.  Together, we are…

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Cost of Choice

Earth! Dear earth, I’m drained
drained by the choice in our loss
perfection spells peace and freedom
but our choice chose selfishly
lost in its blindness of greed

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I Love Your Too Much

Earth to moon I fit to crawl o
Nothing wey I want again o
Your love dey make my head touch
Me I love your too much.

Let Me Love You

LET ME LOVE YOU let me love you while I can,for tomorrow I may not…

intellectual intercourse, a poem

if you want to make an apian way
to my heart
make me no sumptuous meal
only sing, talk or write me a poem

While We Hold Hands

“Love is blind” they say
but hand in hand
we know that love is only sight
in the land of romance

Rebirth, a poem

i am fully ready to be caught in a landslide of wet wet dreams as floating memories swim past my endless glances at the horizon,

Emmagination – Deadly Addictions
Download Spoken Word Audio: Deadly Addictions, by Emmagination

Deadly Addictions is a spoken word poem about two touchy subjects – pornography and masturbation – ruining the lives and potentials of teenagers, young adults and even the married.

Vanessa My Love

My name is Okechukwu. I am a young, tall, handsome, and dark looking young man who spends his time with the mirror like a model preparing for a special walk on the runway.


Black Warrior Review is accepting unsolicited submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for its winter/spring 2020 issue.

For Boys Like Me (Spoken Word) by Naeto Uche Njie

“FOR BOYS LIKE ME ” is a piece detailing issues and life time struggles of the male folk. It simply says “Boys are no stones ” and “Boys should use this stereotype to live above storms.

Beyond The Eye Level (Part Four) || by Iwu Jeff

Beyond The Eye Level (Part Four) ‘Come here!’ one of the creatures commanded. The voice was not…