Coffee Anthology
July 31, 2019

eBook Alert: Coffee Anthology: Initiated by Jide Badmus

Coffee is a collection of poems centered on love as a significant part, being almost the neucleus of human life: everyone at some point in their life no matter the…
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Book RevieweBookFictionPoemify
April 11, 2019

Book Review || The Oracle of Isieke, by Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

Book Review || The Oracle of Isieke, by Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell OnyemaechiPainting our environment for the eyes of the world through creative thoughts is the best thing that can happen in…
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eBookPoemify PublishersPoetry
February 16, 2019

New eBook Alert || Rape is Rape Anthology

 The fact is, rape have become a societal norm. On a daily, the dailies carry reports of rape here, there and everywhere. Male adults rape female children, female adults molest…
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anthologyeBookPoemify Publishers
December 17, 2018

New Book Alert || Salient Chapters by Ruth Ede

About The Book:Torn trust, broken bonds, supreme succor, loyal love, honest hope, dead dreams, pure patience and great gain are realities that reflects as we seek our essence in life.These…
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eBookPoemify Publishers
December 4, 2018

Free eBook || So You Want To Be A Poet?

Poets are an odd, beautiful breed. Constantly observant and obsessed by details, we speak a language that can transcend time, cultures, religion, ideologies and places. My poetic life started before I…
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eBookFictionPoemify Publishers
November 28, 2018

New Book Alert | Ekwensu’s Harvest, by Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

When Poemify Publishers was Prose & Poetry Hood Inc., we featured series of Ekwensu's Harvest on on our blog. It was a wonderful read. Jennifer takes one down a gallery…
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downloadseBookPoemify Publishers
March 3, 2018

New Book Alert | Love Struck (anthology of poems)

Love is undoubtedly humankind's most exploited subject matter. And yet every year,  all year round, the reproduction of "love" in art, literature, music, and a diverse array of many other…
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