Okenyi Sunday Chinweike

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Soul’s Lament

The reason for this poem is to dismantle the general perception that those children that were starved to death during Nigeria civil war were mere cliché, a mere whim to gather international empathy. they were more than human beings if you ask me “they are souls”. They are innocence that many Nigerians still bury with their words, lack of concern and shameful prejudice held in between tribal bigotry and religious dogmatism. Humanity comes even before you and your beliefs and it ought to abound even after you’re gone


Our life and journey is enchanted by beauty. The more we explore such beauty the more we enjoy every bit of it, but sometimes such beauty can be costly. This is poem that explores beauty of Tamarix trying to juxtapose the sacrifice we pay everyday in pursuit of beautiful things which are endless. Tamarix has its fixtures, but its indestructive and high demanding features set it apart from other flowers. In the other hand, it is someone’s lover.