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Download Aura, a Spoken Word Poem by Ephraim & Gold

Aura is a collaboration between these grand poets. It is a work around a happy-sad love encounter which gives voice to the twists that come with Love Affairs.

#PengicianContest: End of Myself

End of Myself! Some say its green in complexionI walked in its perfectionI became a…

#PengicianContest: Abuse- Not The Way Forward

Abuse- Not The Way Forward Standing agape, watching the abuse,Losing confidence and put to a…

#PengicianContest: Hole In My Heart

Hole In My Heart Deep down down in my heartLies a Hole,Deeper than the deepest…

#PengicianContest: Late Night Songs

Late Night Songs nobody knows you are at homejust speak into the walls and gowhen…

#PengicianContest: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead I’ll sleep when I’m dead.All my families will be watchingMe…

#PengicianContest: Vaccum

Vacuum Yesterday I was moongreeting the starstoday I am eclipse,I travel,into the light,sometimes into the…

#PengicianContest: We, The Rusted Wood

We, The Rusted Wood We are ruledWe have been fooledOur lips hardly tastes goodMillions on…

#PengicianContest: When Love Walked Away

When Love Walked Away A child does not know the value of the stones he…

#PengicianContest: Your Biology Is Sending You To Hell

Your Biology is Sending You to Hell For some reasons that I don’t know,everyone’s favourite…

7 Poetry Collections by Muslim Writers

Here are 7 poetry collections by muslim writers, full of verses that celebrates the multiplicity of Islamic identity

For Courage, Steadfastness And Everything Being A Widow Brings

An article about the neglected widows and widowers.

How Do I Know I Wrote A Good Poem
Writivity: How Do I Know I Wrote A Good Poem?

It can be difficult to know whether or not you’ve written a good poem. And while every reader is going to respond to a poem in his or her own way, there are signs that indicate a poem is solid, successful, and likely to be published.

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Listen To Episode 3 – Poemify Radio (Why Pedophilia Is Evil)

However it is defined, pedophilia is wrong; but beyond that, it is evil.

To The Girl With A Thigh Gap

A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs of some people when standing upright with feet touching

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Episode 4 – Be The Lighter

Be The Lighter – a spoken word poetry session.

An Exclusive Interview With The ADMA Ayomide D'great, by Queen Oti (Penplayer)

An exclusive interview with Ayomide, by Queen Oti.

Download Links For Boys Are Not Stones

A collection of poems, essays and short stories based on the discourse revolving the plight and quandary faced by the boy child was first opened for submission to poets and writers around the world last year edited by Jaachi Anyatonwu, Jamiu Ahmed, John Chizoba Vincent, Uchendu Njieonye, Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche & Ebubechukwu Bruno Nwagbo.