Do you need help EditingDesigning, and Publishing your eBook? We can do this for you.

We offer writing and anthology publishing services. This includes content creation, curation and promotion for websites, blogs, E-books, Review Sites. 

  • 100% Original content.
  • Creatively crafted posts and storytelling.
  • Editing services and proofreading provided.
  • Writing community of more than 1,500 Members.
  • Select best content from various entries.

Anthology Publishing

  1. Editing
  2. KDP and PDF compilation.
  3. Cover Designs
  4. Publishing on Okadabooks, Amazon and Poemify eBookr.

There are two ways to publish with us:

1. On your own (free)(Feature Not Yet Available) You can submit your complete pdf and start selling on our platform. If you want to do this on your own, it’s free. Simply follow the instructions on the submissions page.

2. Admin Service (Includes a fee): On the other hand, you can submit your files and admin will publish manually. Send your files also through the submission page also. This service costs #5,000 (Five thousand naira, only.) Pay with the form below and use the same email you sent your files with, we will upload for you.

We also offer an optional Poemify complimentary cover design (mostly simple, Poemify brand cover) for those who chose Option 2 above. 

How to Submit:

  1. Click button below to make payment before sending your files.
  2. Click HERE to contact us here to request a cover after payment. 
  3. Click HERE to Submit your eBook