POEMIFY is an online platform created for African writers and story lovers, where they can share and read everything literature; these include but not limited to: Poetry, Prose, Fiction, Non-fiction, Drama, Photography, Articles/Essays, Creative writing tutorials, Spoken word poetry, etc.
With these, our goal is to encourage reading/writing culture of African youths and also have their works published with ease.


  • Our vision is to develop a vibrant online literature platform in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, where people can showcase their  creative talents and skills, and earn a very decent living from it via online publications.
  • Our strategy has been to find new and young writers/authors that are not entrenched in this purist culture of traditional publishing.
  • We find that these authors are more flexible to platforms like POEMIFY PUBLISHERS.
  • We want to make it possible for young writers/authors to publish their works and earn profits from them online.


Our mission is to give young writers a space in the literary world to showcase their creativity, to inspire young writers to strive for excellence using their talents and skills, and also to impact lives, initiate positive change in the African continent and also entertain.

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Oluchi Anyatonwu
Oluchi Anyatonwu

Social Media Manager

Iwu Jeff
Iwu Jeff

Editor (Fiction)